Here are some of the amazing and innovative collection of lip art from one of the famous and renown London-based Hair and Makeup Artist – Laura Jenkinson. She has made some cool and creative Lipart in her extra time. The young lady is presenting some of the magnificent comic characters from films and TV’s shows like Shrek, Cartman, Popeye, etc. in faultless manner at her own mouth.

1. Mickey Mouse Lip Art

Lipart 1

2. Goofy Lip Art

Lipart 2

3. Popeye the Sailor Lip Art

Lipart 3

 4. Bugs Bunny Lip Art

Lipart 4

5. Mr. T Lip Art

Lipart 5

6. Shrek The Orge Lip Art

Lipart 6

7. Stitch The Alien Lip Art

Lipart 7

8. Timon Lip Art

Lipart 8

9. The Tasmanian Devil Lip Art

Lipart 9

10.  Sponge-bob Squarepants Lip Art

Lipart 10

Images Credit: Laura Jenkinson

Image Gallery of some other Lip Arts


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