Irrfan Khan has shown his quirky side to his audience. The actor known for intense performances has unveiled a totally different side of his the video for group AIB- ‘Every Bollywood Party Song’.

Apparently the spoof has hurt the sentiments of many Bollywood actors. Akshay Kumar has been quoted as being critical about the video however in some of his interviews he has denied having disliked Irrfan’s latest work.

The song showcases Irrfan as an uber-cool character and the song is in trend everywhere, and everyone who has watched it all ga-ga about Irrfan.

The spoof brings to the forefront the problems with present day Bollywood. Some of the issues for instance ‘objectification’ of women through item numbers and skimpy clothes, lack of meaning in the lyrics of the songs, party numbers have become central to success or failure of movies which directly nullifies the presence of talented actors and use of alcohol in any scene adds value to the movie.


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