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7 Ways How Regular Sex Can Save Your Relationship and Bring Couples Closer Together

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7 Ways How Regular Sex Can Save Your Relationship and Bring Couples Closer Together

Sex is definitely the most pleasurable act known to humans. But what most don’t know are the benefits it brings besides the pleasure. In couples, sex is a vital instrument to bond, communicate, connect emotionally and physically, and much more. Here are reasons why couples should be doing it more regularly.

Bringing Sex Back


To keep up the crazy sex after the honeymoon period is good for couples. It releases testosterone, endorphins and oxytocin. These hormones make you feel adventurous and young and add that extra zing back to your life!

Importance of Intimacy

3Oxytocin released is also called the cuddle hormone. It gives you that feeling of oneness with your partner which in turn leads to cuddling. It is released right after the act and helps in bringing you two closer psychologically.

Break the Monotony

4The monotony of life grips us all at a point of time. It takes a toll on our sex life too. But it is imperative to break this monotony. Add a bit spontaneity and kink to your life and allot specific days for these. You will instantly see the spark in your relationship!

Practice to get Perfect

6It may not have been oh-so-great a few times in the beginning but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever be! Keep at it, experiment, use fantasy and everything else you’ve dreamed of. This will eventually build your physical rapport and you’ll start to automatically know what your partner wants. And during such times if there happen to be some mistakes/failures learn to laugh it off together.



Appreciation is the key to a happy relationship. After the initial romance has worn off you seldom make an effort to impress. But the truth is appreciation makes both the man and woman happy alike. You can show your appreciation in many ways but when you take an extra effort and show it in the bedroom it is the best! Surprise them with this often and you’ll see the magic!

Scientifically speaking…


Yes science is all for sex and the benefits it offers and this was known in ancient times too. Sex is a great stress buster and can lift up your spirits in no time. It is also physically useful as it can help vanish certain ailments and give your body a great exercise.



Sex surely brings you closer. You are naked and vulnerable with your partner during the act. There is a trust between you two which makes you convey your desires and feelings. This is an excellent way to build your communication and emotional connect.

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