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7 Things That Happen On Every Family WhatsApp Group!

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7 Things That Happen On Every Family WhatsApp Group!

The name of the group will change according to what occasion/day it is


And yes, that’s the trend. If there is any festival or anybody’s birthday, someone from the group has to change the group name accordingly. Or if there is any planning going on in the group, then the name will be ‘Family Outings!!’ or something like that.

There is always that one aunt in every family who will send positive/ encouraging images all the time


They don’t really understand that a group is meant to keep in touch with each other few times during the week. There will always be an aunt who will keep sending these inspirational images or videos which will occupy our phone’s entire memory.

Posting selfies on the group


This usually happens when any members of the family get together, where they’ll click endless selfies and post it on the group.

…And then there will be that one person who will send good morning messages every day on the group


The group is never silent. You will always have one person in your family who will start the good morning chain, and it continues for rest of the day. Thankfully though, we have the mute option at our disposal.

Uncle who loves to send jokes


Every family has that one uncle who loves to crack jokes in real life as well as on WhatsApp! He will keep sending jokes, one after the other on the group. And then the replies cumulate to 50 messages in less than 10 minutes!

You are updated about everyone in your family


You know about everyone’s whereabouts or achievements in your family. Because this is where it will all be posted. Who is going where and with whom, who won what? Everything is posted on the group!

And if someone is going through an old photo album…


Last but not the least. If by chance they find an old photo album they make sure to send each and every picture that’s in there. And then the “awwws” continue for the rest of the day!

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