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7 Things Girls Do That Men Find SEXY!

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7 Things Girls Do That Men Find SEXY!

Messy hair, either loose or tied in a bun


When their hair is all messy around their face, which they keep tucking behind their ears while talking is sexy somehow. And also the messy bun they tie, guys just find that sexy!

Girls who like less drama


Men love those woman who like less drama and who can be a ‘bro’ as well as a ‘girlfriend’. Girls who like sports and play video games are admired. They automatically seem hot to guys.

Intelligent women are automatically attractive

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Who likes beauty without brains? If she is pretty already then a cherry on top of the cake would be if she is equally intelligent, and keeps knowledge about politics, reads books etc. And intelligence combined with kindness is every man’s preference.

Girls with good sense of humour


Girls who can take jokes, also who can laugh at themselves are always liked! Being humorous is a turn on by itself. No one would like to talk to a dumb girl, right? If you’ve got a good sense of humour, you’re automatically sexy.

Independent Girls


Managing everything on their own is called being independent. And that’s something to be respectful about. Everyone loves freedom, but girls who are not too proud about it and love their partner equally are hot! In short, girls who can balance everything perfectly are even HOTTER0!

When she wears baggy tops


Girls wearing oversized tops look irresistibly hot. When they don’t care about how they look, and wear all comfortable clothes, with no makeup on their face and messy hair, makes them look sexy!

Just out of the shower


Women just out of the shower, with a towel around them and hair dripping wet, men just can’t resist that. Confused with which outfit to select for the day, THAT!

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