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7 Signs You Might Be Dating Someone who is Afraid of Commitment

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7 Signs You Might Be Dating Someone who is Afraid of Commitment

Commitment is one word that men fear the most. They want to live life one day at a time and take life as it comes. When it comes to girls, they need commitment, a feeling of security in the relationship. This factor is the ground to many break-ups. Here are some signs you need to look out for in men.

He Doesn’t Define The Relationship

3You may be doing all that relationship “stuff” but he prefers not to admit the relationship and/or call you his girlfriend. Every time you bring this up he starts with his ‘what’s in a name’ philosophy.

You Have Never Met His Friends or Family

2He may hang out with his friends often but if you want to join them he will always have an excuse. And even if you happen to come across them he will introduce you as the ‘friend’.

The Future Talk Freaks Him Out


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When it comes to your future together he has no idea where it’s going. He prefers to avoid even plans a few months away. Anything serious and he is sure to sprint!

Afraid of Commitments, Even For The Next Week

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If you plan a week ahead he does not commit. The reason for this kind of behavior is that, if he commits he will feel tied down, answerable and obligated. He will hence love his singlehood freedom.

Distant and Cold


He prefers to keep his distance when it comes to emotions. He will never talk about his personal life, his feelings and troubles. Even if you open up to him he will seem cold and cut off as soon as he can and that’s why one should delete benaughty account and stay happy.

Will Never Reveal His Feelings About You


If he does like you he will take an awful lot of time to admit it to himself and then to you. He has a hard time when it comes to feeling of any sorts.

His Promises and Never Kept

5If he has made promises to you which he did not keep, that is typical Him. He swears to make amends, but to no avail.

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