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Five ways to beat Menstrual Cramps at Work

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Five ways to beat Menstrual Cramps at Work

Only a woman can tell the pain of a period, just like the one who wears the shoe knows where it hurts. Period can be a major hindrance for those stuck up in pain on the office seats. Some women succumb to pills, whilst there are many ways to relieve pain and cramps naturally. Here they are:

Drink a lot!

Tea … don't drink more than a gallon a day.

Drink! Besides drinking a lot of water and hydrating yourself, consumption of honey mixed with some aloe-vera juice would help in easing the flow during your worst time of the month. As the flow eases, the pain would reduce too. Green tea available at the canteen would be your savior!

Lavender Oil


Carry Lavender Oil and apply it on the stomach. It is a great pain reliever, and doesn’t smell strong like the eucalyptus oil does. It would also leave you scented and fragranced throughout the day.

Dark Chocolates

Woman eating chocolates

Indulge in Dark Chocolate! Easily available in times of emergency, chocolate contains helpful antioxidants and is linked to boosting serotonin, which can help improve your mood. So to keep your calm with your boss during that time of the month, nibble on chocolate with 60 percent or higher cocoa beans.

Eat Healthy


Eat to make up for the loss! At your desk, you’re tired, irritated and bloated! Poor eating habits might just worsen it. Stay away from that pack of chips you feel like munching on. Bananas, avocado, potatoes would be your best friends! Don’t miss out on a bowl of oatmeal at breakfast!

Dress up a little loose


Dress for your period! Wearing skimpy clothes would only cause more harm. Loosen it up, and make sure your clothes don’t hurt the waist much! Clothes that compress your stomach might only cause the discomfort-and that’s the last thing you’ve ever wanted! So let’s just leave the belly happy!

Stay happy-that’ll best help your mind to fight the pain!

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