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5 Reasons Why We Fight The Most With People We Love!

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5 Reasons Why We Fight The Most With People We Love!

You Speak Your Mind Out Without the Fear of Being Judged


Your nonsense talk, your ‘I didn’t mean that’ talk, aggressive mannerisms and all other such things can be said around them because you are sure that they won’t judge you.

You Expect Them to Put You as a High Priority Because You Put Them Too!


The most common reason for fights is expectations they say. Though, having high expectations from your loved ones lies on the fact that you feel that way about them and you surely would do anything for them.

You Know Them Well


Because you know them and their past too well, you keep bringing back the past at every given opportunity.

You Care Too Much

Adult helping senior in hospital, selective focus on hand

That is why you prefer fighting every day than pretending nothing is wrong. Fighting provides solutions, conveys your emotions and can be healthy for the relationship.

All You Need is Attention!

1When you’ve had a long day and you are frustrated from keeping it all inside, your rescue is attention from loved ones. You fight with your mom for no reason, secretly wanting her to understand you and pamper you with love and attention.

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