5 Natural Remedies to Gain Weight at Home

Are you struggling to put on some extra pounds? For some, weight gain can be as difficult as weight loss is for others. Fear not! There are several natural remedies for gaining weight that you can easily implement in the comfort of your home. From nutrient-rich foods to lifestyle adjustments, these tips offer a holistic approach for healthy weight gain.

1. High-Calorie Smoothies or Shakes

5 Natural Remedies to Gain Weight at Home

How It Works

These are not your regular breakfast smoothies. High-calorie shakes can be a healthy and nutritious way to increase your calorie intake. Use ingredients like full-fat Greek yogurt, almond butter, bananas, and a splash of honey or maple syrup.


  • Opt for organic or farm-fresh ingredients whenever possible.
  • Use a high-power blender to make the shake smooth and creamy.