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These 5 Minutes Makeup hacks are for the Girls in hurry

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These 5 Minutes Makeup hacks are for the Girls in hurry

Not all girls give dressing up that much time and effort. Some don’t have the time to and some are just too lazy to. Now that is what sets apart the ones who come all prim-and-proper and us. Worry not. We’ve got a makeup ritual which will take only a few minutes and you could still look as ravishing!

Step-1 : BB Cream

Instead of applying a primer and a foundation plus all that hassle of the sponges and brushes, your one stop solution is the BB cream. It moisturizes your skin and gives it a dewy one tone look. You can apply it with your fingertips massage it lightly in circles all over your face for better coverage. Plus point, you can carry the tiny tube in your purse all the time.

Young lady applying a swatch of foundation

Step-2: Concealer

For those ladies with a flawless skin this step can be eliminated. But most of us need a little extra effort. You can use the concealer on the problem areas or dark circles and apply and spread it around so it evens out and doesn’t look patchy. There your base is ready.

Step-3: Color


After the base has made you even toned with a flawless skin it’s time for some colour. Colour adds the extra vibrancy and attractiveness making you look healthy. You can use powder or cream blushes. The latter though blends in well. In case you run out of it the colour of your lipstick works just fine.

Step-4: Eyes


Eyes are the most attractive and the easiest to do. A great kajal/kohl pencil in black(regular),nude(subtle),brown, blue, and any colour of your choice can be used, keeping in mind your attire and occasion. A white eye shadow on the inner corners will make your eyes look bigger. A secret trick is using black kajal on the inner upper eyelid for an added effect. And the last but definitely not the least is the mascara. Depending on your mood for drama one or more coats can be applied. A transparent mascara is a great option too.

Step-5: Pout


Shades of nudes, light pinks are perfect for the day. It saves the process of lip-liners in case of dark lipsticks. Another timesaving hack is a tinted lip balm, clear lip gloss, lip balm with a hint of glitter etc.

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