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5 Fashion Hacks To Look Taller And Leaner

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5 Fashion Hacks To Look Taller And Leaner

Make sure your clothes are actually fit

Well tailored videos clothing will compliment your build. It helps you look leaner and taller at the same time. Always choose shirts and other clothes in the perfect size and fit. Try your best to get custom tailored dress items.

Reduce Contrast

Too much contrast between your top and bottom makes you look shorter. Visually, it cuts you in half and makes you look shorter. In addition to that, high contrast difference attracts unwanted attention to your midsection. Not only the shirt and pants, but the contrasting shoes also make you look like a short man. Reducing contrast gives you a streamlined look and makes you look taller and leaner. Making it easier for the eyes to travel and up and bottom.

Choose the right lines for your clothes

Choose the correct lines for your shirts. Horizontal lines make you look wider and prevent the eyes from moving up and down. You should always buy shirts with vertical lines. These lines make your body appear longer.

Trouser break

The wrong trouser break can make you look shorter. Get your pants hemmed if they are too long. The full break should be saved for the taller man. No breaks would give you the greatest perceived height.

Start wearing boots

If you are short and want to look like a taller man, boots are for you. Not only the style, boots improve your appearing heights as well. Try one now.

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