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5 Fashion Hacks Every Girl MUST Know!

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5 Fashion Hacks Every Girl MUST Know!

Baking Soda!


This is thr trick to get rid of those embarrassing yellow underarm patches on your clothes.

Things you need: Baking soda, water, empty bowl, and cloth/towel.

Before a regular wash of your clothes, in a quarter cup of water add five tablespoons of baking soda. Dab a towel/cloth with this mixture and rub it on the stains. You will instantly see it vanish.

Zip It Up


Wearing a dress that has a zip on the back? And you really have to struggle your way because you’re not that sexy actress in the movie! Here’s your solution.

Things you need: A safety pin and a shoelace.

Before wearing the dress, put the safety pin through the zipper. Then thread the shoelace through it and you can easily pull it up. Tada!

Ironing Out Kinks


When you have to iron a creased collar and you can’t find the iron, worry not. A hair iron works just fine. Place the collar between the plates, heat it and iron it out. Simple!

Lipstick Stains


What to do when you find a lipstick stain that just refuses to go?

Things you need: Shaving foam and a cloth.

Put some shaving foam on the stain and rub it with a cloth. Do it till the stain begins to fade. After that, put it for a regular wash and you’ll see the magic.

Deodorant Vs Denim

3Deodorant stains on your clothes are annoying. Here’s a hack to treat that; rub a denim cloth over the stain and watch the denim win the battle!

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