It’s been over 1 month after the release of Avengers End Game trailer release. However, still yet, even the huge Marvel fans couldn’t spot some of the tiny things that hint to many other stories in the trailer. Check them out:

Before jumping to the article, check out the trailer video first:

4. The A in the title reveal ‘reassembling’

If you closely look at the titles of the trailer, you will notice the large A which gets reassembled from several broken parts. It might be hinting that in the End Game, every character will come back together.

3. Shuri also turned to dust in Infinity War

In the trailer, you can see Bruce Banner is looking at Scott Lang’s picture in the missing people database, you can see a slide with Shuri’s face which quickly turns to Peter Parker. So it is hinting that Shuri also turned to dust in the Infinity War.

2. Whose hand is that?

1. ‘Endgame’ has been mentioned twice before


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