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4 Steps To Happiness — How to be Happy!

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4 Steps To Happiness — How to be Happy!

Focus on the positives

Smiley face peace fingers against the sky

Εveryone around us keeps advising us, ‘Be Positive’ and we have many books, that speak about this positive feeling. So it’s believed what we concentrate more on and let it out for the universe to know, we get the same in return.

Action: positive outlook; Reaction: positive result. Learning to appreciate what we have and to feel happy about it, we emit positive energy and in return we receive positive results changing our lives. Basically, More happiness! Now there is no harm in trying. Good for thoughts, right?

Write things down!


As kids, remember we had many pretty diaries and secret journals we used to write mostly about who we like, that prince charming and those fantasies. We could write down anything. And just penning down the thoughts like this could happen, or that day was beautiful, all of it, was so freeing. A therapeutic and happy experience, like a relaxing massage. Much like removing of all that is inside us, which needs to be out.

So go ahead, keep a pen and feel free to express. You never know, writing down your hopes, dreams and desires and also your fears, you might just find ‘that happy side’ of your story.

Do what makes YOU happy

A couple celebrating.

Simply put, do what makes YOU happy! You like to dance, go dancing. Watch that reality TV shows you always want to see, or your favorite YouTube vids, spend your happy hours watching those. Shop, read, paint, meet your people, be with people who make you happy! Just do it! And stop overthinking about what others will think. You have no control on them. But you have control over your own happiness, so just unwind your way!

There is no harm in making it your habit, to treat yourself with happy doses from time to time. Our ultimate goal in our lives is to BE HAPPY, so be impermeable! And BE HAPPY!

Talk to an expert!

Teenage Girl Visiting Counsellor To Treat Depression

And now we are contradicting what we said. But hey, talking to an expert doesn’t seem that scary of an idea. Visit your doctor for that tiredness and lethargy you are feeling nowadays. You could be low on vitamins and your body is probably sending you upset signals. Don’t know where your career is taking a turn, go for career counseling. Take charge of your life and meet people who will help you through. Hey, heard something called as “Life Coach”? They can guide you for most of your life decisions! 

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