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7 Reasons Good Employees Quit Their Jobs

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7 Reasons Good Employees Quit Their Jobs

When a talented person joins, the company is equally exhilarated. But the real challenge is to retain the employee and his talent. Here are 7 reasons why good employees chose to quit:

Unreasonable Bosses

Crazy Boss Yelling at Employees

Bosses are known to be a pain. And sometimes the staff just needs that. But why treat the promising employees like that? This attitude coupled with unreasonable demands of bosses drive talented people away.

They are under Constant Pressure


Good employees are expected to outperform always. There is a constant pressure on them. Expectations do raise the bar but can be tedious in the long run. It affects their mental state and hinders productivity.

Unfulfilled Promises


Talent too needs motivation. And when promises of a raise or promotion are unfulfilled the employee feels dejected. The bosses must honor their said commitments.

Unfair Performance Rewards


The management can be at fault here when undeserving employees are promoted instead of the hardworking ones. They sometimes overlook the substantial work done by the good employee and promote that fancy-talking undeserving jerk.

Little or No Acknowledgement of Their Efforts

Frustrated businesswoman tearing out hair against white background. Horizontal shot.

Employees who genuinely good at their job are praised at first and eventually taken for granted. They’re sometimes given extra work just because they can do it better than the rest. Despite that they’re efforts are forgotten and go unnoticed over the years.

Difficult co-workers

Female executive looking frustrated in an office with her colleagues discussing in the background

Co-workers play a significant role in your work life. They are the ones you spend a better part of your life with and it can be very disappointing if they don’t share the same goals, traits, passion as you do towards your job. It brings down the morale of hard-working lot.

No Room for Growth

Businessman with hands in pockets, looking at waste paper basket

When talented employees see no growth in work or designation they often quit. Their talent is to be put to appropriate use because they have a lot to offer.

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