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10 things that would help you take the ‘Picture Perfect’

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10 things that would help you take the ‘Picture Perfect’

Photographs capture those moments, which once gone, can never come back. Everyone wants to look his or her best in photographs, cause they aren’t just pictorial representations. They’re memories created for generations to see, to be framed and preserved, or probably to be uploaded on Facebook or Instagram.

Here are some tips, which will help you take the perfect shot!

Choose which ones your best profile? Left or right?


To each his own, some have a good right portrait whereas some are great at left. It is however advisable to get your left clicked as it tells how you feel like. Turning right could help you hide all the stress you have. Also, whichever portrait be it, to wear a smile is a much. Not the plastic one!

Putting arms on the side


Putting arms behind the back or even folding them in the front is not a pleasant site to watch. Arms need to be placed comfortably on the sides, and at ease. Some style factor could be added with accessories like pockets and belts.

Looking into the lens? Not a good idea!


Better pictures are those when the person being photographed isn’t staring right into the camera. Looking slightly above the lens makes the pictures look more natural, and also doesn’t give the double chin effect. The camera hence needs to be at a height, just a bit up over the face.

Pink lips please!


Due to over exposure, some pictures get washed out. While they’re being printed, excessive exposure might lead to someone looking very pale and lipless. Hence, a little pink on the lips would do no harm, but add life to the picture. Also, bronze shades need to be avoided as they make you look older.

Relax & let go!


Being carefree is the best time to be photographed. When you don’t really worry much about how you’re looking, you’re looking your best. Body language and facial expressions are the most important ingredients of a great picture.

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