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10 minutes fat burning Abs workout


10 minutes fat burning Abs workout

Most challenging part of workout is the abs, which demands for serious efforts with lot of conviction and determination. There are few circuits based on abdominal toning and core strengthening. It’s advisable to include them at least four times in a week in your workout schedule. Apart from portion control and healthy nutritious clean meal planning on timely basis, there is more for you to concentrate upon.

Things required for exercising: A yoga mat and interval timer. Below mentioned are few very simple exercises you need to perform stepwise to get strong flattened abs.His 10-pack abs are insane!!! - YouTube

  1. Plank jacks: Holding a static plank work wonders for core strengthening, by adding a jumping jack motion with your feet with this move will give a whole new dimension.
  2. Toe touches: take 8-10 ponds dumbbell in both your hand and lie on your back. Extend your arms and lift your legs perpendicular to the floor. Nowkeep dumbbells just over your chest, lift your chest and shoulders off the floor and touch your feet with the dumbbell, but remember do not move your legs.
  3. Plank jumps: Take basic plankposition, while supporting yourself on your hands and toes; stabilize your shoulder blades in order to avoid upper body movement; now jump and take your feet in and then jump your feet back out into a
  4. Lower Belly Workout – Hip Lift: Extend both the arms on the floor by your side, while palms facing upwards followed by raising your legs towards the ceiling. Inhale and tighten your core muscles. Curl your hips toward your ribs and exhale, lifting your hips off the floor and reaching your feet straight up, making a 90⁰ angle with your legs.Breathe in as you slowly bring your body down.
  5. Jumping Squat Thrust: also commonly known as Burpee. Only difference between the two is of the jump. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms by your sides. Take a squat position and keep your hands firmly on the floor. Kick your legs back into a plank position. Jump or step your legs forward to return to a squat position. Come back to the standing position. It’s very excruciating exercise for cardio, abs and leg muscles.

Above mentioned steps are to be practised thrice a weak with 6-12 sets of repetition of each step. With time and stamina build up you will gain momentum and flexibility. Time and again athletes, sport person, body builder, show-biz models, actors and fitness enthusiasts rely greatly on these exercises for desired result. For better understanding, please refer to the cyclic diagram shown below.


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