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Crazy Thoughts We have Before Going To Sleep

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Crazy Thoughts We have Before Going To Sleep

Yes we’re tired from the long day we’ve had and can’t wait to hit the bed but more often than not, the moment we’re in the sack our brains become a livewire. It is charged and wants to make the largest trail of thoughts. Here are some of the crazy thoughts we all have before we slip into the dream world.

Oh my precious little bed! How I missed you all day. Can’t wait to snuggle in with you and have my most beautiful sleep. *cuddles the pillows/teddies*

Young woman lying in bed, hugging pillow

I’m so thirsty. I could drink liters of water at one go! Water. Water. Water.

2It’s kinda cold. Should I switch off the fan? And I’ll save electricity too. But then I don’t like the stillness in the room then. It’s eerie. So not then.


I NEED to sleep. Should I count or maybe meditate? I’ll meditate. I read once how we have to consciously not think any thoughts. *tries to meditate*


This is not working and now I have to pee. I don’t want to get up but. I’ll just pee tomorrow. *waits for 10 minutes* Or maybe not.


Alright think of something else quick, quick. Happy thoughts.*Thinks but doesn’t succeed* Chuck! I’ll just watch something happy online. F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Yeah that’s perfect.


I wonder if I will I ever find MY lobster… *Drifts off thinking about the possibility of prince charming*


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