Well, if you are looking at wearing Sari for the first time, get ready to be amazed as it’s a tough deal to get the right drape, and even many Indian girls and women have a tough deal!

So what happens when common American women try the sari for the first time sans any help but only with one image for reference? As expected, it’s a big mess!

Popular video blogger Rickshawali recently posted a video, where she asked women in America to try the sari for the first time on an island in Aruba.

What’s stunning is the fact that these women were game to try the Indian drape, but as anticipated, they were all cluttered attempts to get the sari right.

Rickshawali has previously tried many fun things in her blogs, but the sari takes the fun to the next level for sure, with these women dealing with “too much material” at a time!

Given the island wind, things went even bizarre, and it seemed that the women had a blast. What’s more fun? Even some of the men around joined to help a lady get the sari right!

As they say, you have to keep trying, especially when you have a sari sans an Indian to help!