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The real reason behind the suicide of builder Suraj Parmar

The Indian news media has extensively covered the Suraj Parmar suicide case, but under wrong light. The reports that state the Cosmos Group chairperson had debt stand untrue, as the 14-page letter he wrote has clearly stated that he had zero liabilities. If anyone has...

These are the Best Sexy Seduction Pranks of 2014 – All at one place! (NSFW)

As 2014 is about to end, everyone wants to rewind its old memories. Each moment spent in the current year will become history and will always give us some joyful moments whenever we see the pictures or video of those rare moments. We all know...

Ten Extraordinary Creatures you didn’t know exist on the Earth

Blob Fish
Our earth is a home of numerous living beings with a large wonderful creatures and species of Flora and Fauna. And among those many of us don’t give a shit about the diversity of animals’ species that reside on the Earth. You might get stunned...

Aishwarya Rai accepts, “Salman Khan Was My Real Boyfriend”

Former Miss World and the stunning Aishwarya Rai and Bollywood actor Salman Khan are much talked about couple who have shown their incredible chemistry on screen which was loved by all. After the tragic ending of their relationship, whole Bollywood and their fans were shocked. Before...

This Extreme Unusual Humor In War Will Make You Laugh So Hard

Its amazing to have fun during the war. These guys are really having fun in dangerous situation.

Farah Khan can’t stand a funny tweet and abuses the person by sending him DM

Indians awe Bollywood celebrities and follow them blindly, and we have witnessed so many examples where we supported Stars regardless of whether they were morally correct or not. For example, the time when Salman Khan was sentenced five years imprisonment, knowing the fact that he...

I Can Bet You are not Going to Miss This Latest Hot Kiss Prank!

This latest addition to the family of pranks is something different and hot. A staring contest is played with girls on the beach for a kiss. None of them could understand that it's only a prank, and they all have been cheated on camera. Watch...

After Losing 160 Pounds This Guy Strips Down to Show Reality People Don’t Want to See

John David Glaude from California gained a popularity and fan base on YouTube and Instagram by recorded his dramatic weight loss journey from 360 lbs to 200lbs in the YouTube channel ObsesetoBeast. In his "Obese To Beast" journey, he also inspires others to take a...

This is the Most Awkwardly ended Video You will see Today!

Have you ever had to share your living space with an annoyed room-mate whom you have hated more than anything else in the world? If yes this video is for you! Nash Grier, the famous Vine user, is back again in the style. This time...

Breathtaking! The first Jurassic World Trailer will give you some Amazing Dinosaur Action

It’s finally here! The Jurassic World trailer has suddenly been released ahead of its scheduled Thanksgiving Thursday. Jurassic World is the long-awaited next installment of his revolutionary Jurassic Park series. Director Colin Trevorrow acknowledged the situation, tweeting: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the park will...

These Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time and Their Reactions are Super Hilarious!

Do you remember the first time you have tried smoking weed and how did you react to that? If your answer is negative and if you have never tried then you should watch this video, these Grandmas are inspiration for us. Life is a continuous journey,...

20 Simple Life Hacks that can Save Lives

Sometimes, when life gets tough, you’re on the lookout for something to make things easier for you. And believe it or not, that is closer than you think. An adrenaline-filled movie to spice up your love life, making a goal a password to motivate you...

Apple iPad Mini Giveaway By Dimpy TV (Winner Announced)

Based on the activity points of the Apple iPad Mini contest, here is the winner! Congratulations to Tarun Singh Bisht for winning the Apple iPad Mini.      Contest Details: We are very much thankful to all our viewers who frequently visit our website and enjoy the regular...

Last year on Raksha Bandhan she was Harassed by 2 guys wearing Rakhi, but what happened next will make you think!

Before you celebrate Raksha Bandhan today, you must watch this video and make a vow for making the rakhi a knot of protection, not only for sister, but for anyone else's sister too. One must take a pledge to secure sisters in the country...

Can Bee Sting Be Fatal? Watch This Video of Janice Dickinson !!

Medical emergencies are unpredictable and can happen with you at any time. Just imagine if such condition is aired live on TV, then how you would react. Something similar happened with 60 year old super model, Janice Dickinson who is one of the contestants of...

This 11 Month Old Baby Trying to Walk a Bulldog Is The Cutest Thing You Will See All Day

Some kids sure want to do what they see their peers and parents do. This little thing, which is only 11-months-old, is trying his best to walk an 80-pound bulldog which refuses to move.  

This new Google Doodle will stir up Emotions and bringing Memories back to Peaceful Revolution in Berlin, and it is the time to Celebrate 25 years of Unity!

Internet giant Google pay its tribute to various special moments and occasions through its interactive doodles and this time it has celebrated 25th Anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall in its style. Google doodle plays a video showing memories of 1989. In the start...

Nick Clayton Gets Locked In LA Fitness After Its Closing Time

Getting locked up in a place where there is no one around seems little scary especially for kids. What will you do if you get stuck up in such situation? Recently, Nick Clayton of Clearwater, Florida went through same sort of situation. Though it was...

This Social Experiment Reveals Why Indian Men Wants a Virgin Bride!

We lives in 20th century and our society has grown up to its highest level, India is also not an exception and following up the west. But whenever we talk about virginity in India, double character of most of the Indian men gets highlighted....