These few illustrative art pictures show that how humanity has touched a new level of low. The world leaders, corporates, and technology is enslaving us and dividing us on the name of borders, religion, and skin color. And how the lust of power and money has overtaken every ethics and morality of humans.

14. Religion by Birth and not by Choice

13. All hail to the Technology!

12. Dual Standards and Hypocrisy!

11. Gratitude – What’s that?

10. And all credit goes to who gives orders!

9. Helping developing nations? Really?

8. Money has enslaved all of us!

7. Things which Corporates don’t want us to see!

6. Money, what else?

5. Yes, the real distribution of the resources!

4. Corporates, again for you sir!

3. Truth of War!

2. Levels of Management Explained!

1. Priorities and Necessities!


SOURCEFacebook Felipetetz Page